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About Us

Christina Parmelee

Christina Parmelee
Mom to IDY
Founder and Compassion Counselor

Hi, my name is Christina. I’ve worked in funeral services for more than four years and have felt drawn to the pet-care side of the business for much of that time.

One time, at the funeral home, I was helping a woman take care of her brother and she was doing okay, holding it together. A couple weeks later, she came back to design his headstone and said she had to pick up her dog’s remains after we finished up. She proceeded to melt into sobs and I hugged her for five minutes! It’s at that point I was struck by how important our pets are to our lives. Their unconditional love. How all our ups and downs are experienced with our pets. Even though we love our humans, there’s nothing like a pet.

I have a disabled, 12-year-old Chihuahua named IDY and he’s truly a gift from God. Maybe I’ll tell you his story over coffee someday.

Here’s how it works: I, or one of Sela’s drivers, will pick up from your home or the animal hospital when the day comes and deliver your pet to my contracted crematory. After services are performed and goods selected, we will personally deliver your pet to your home.

I also have mobile veterinarian services you can utilize* so your pet can pass peacefully at home – surrounded by love.

I’ll help you every step of the way – from the first phone call to finding a dignified way to honor your pet, if desired, with a celebration of life and/or final resting place.

Thank you for trusting Sela Pet Service with your family – and your best friend.

*Based on availability

Steve Garvin

Steve Garvin
Steve Garvin

I was born in Philadelphia, PA one of five children. I started working at the age of six – I walked my neighbor’s French poodle, Pierre, for $2 per week. After college, I moved west and managed restaurants and resorts up and down the California coastline. Being drawn to a warm climate, I have been living on the Treasure Coast for the past three years. I volunteer for Paws Fur Recovery, a local dog rescue, which is where Lucy found and adopted me January 2020.